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At McNatt Consulting, our mission is to completely change the consumer experience and the way the dealership delivers marketing events. We continue to utilize the traditional direct mail process, as well as social media marketing events just like any other event company. The difference that McNatt Consulting offers is in the promotional products we use, the professional marketing consultants we hire, and the exclusive way we target our direct mail. This way you know you’ll be receiving optimum results and a more profitable return on your investment. We will utilize a variety of tools and resources to maximize the response and profit of every event we hold in-house for you.

Not only will our professional and experienced marketing consultants work alongside your in-house staff but we will drive REAL EXCITEMENT, REAL PRIZES, REAL MONEY, and a TRUE TARGETED consumer eliminating the all too common “prize seekers”. We are aware that in this critical market word of mouth drives sales, therefore when you have excited consumers leaving one of our customized events; they will spread the word about the exceedingly unique experience they had at your dealership driving more people through the door. The equation is simple while generating profitable results: the more people, the higher the numbers, giving you more opportunities per N.A.D.A percentages to get in front of the right buyers, making your dealership more profitable.

Our marketing method delivers a bold new way to change how the consumer perceives marketing events by offering REAL attractive prizes, while also providing the dealer with the most profitable strategic marketing plan for their investment. McNatt Consulting provides an array of tools to each dealer who a sign up for our unique marketing events such as access to real-time consumer data as each event takes place and data collection for the most

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